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Dutch Bunnies, Dutch Rabbits


About The Breed
The Dutch Colours

Dutch Rabbits are one of the most popular rabbits kept as pets today, they are also one of the oldest breeds of pet Rabbit. The adult can weigh on average between 3.5 and 5.5 pounds.


Average Lifespan of a Dutch rabbit is 6 years, but they have been known to live up to 10+ years.


The Dutch rabbit was originally bred commercially for the table and their fur, but soon became widely known as pets, not surprisingly due to their unique markings, choice of colours and most of all their calm and easy going nature.


The most common colour that many people recognize as a Dutch Rabbit is black and white, but there are also other colours including Pale Grey, Blue Grey, Steel, Amber, Yellow, Brown, Agouti among a few others, most common are the blacks and greys.


Gemma (right) is a Pale Grey


Grey Dutch Rabbit
Black Dutch Rabbit
Daisy is a Black Dutch
Jasper is a Steel
Pearl is a Blue-Grey
Gina is Yellow
Minx is an Amber Dutch
A Pale-Grey Dutch
A Brown-Grey (Agouti)


Some breeders of Dutch show their Bunnies at Rabbit Shows that are usually hosted by a members club, such as the GLDRC "Greater London Dutch Rabbit Club." An award winning Dutch rabbit has to meet the UK Standard set by the fancier club, this includes meeting the set standard for coat colour, eye colour, ears, neck, saddle, undercut, shape and stops, all of which mark up as points. Only certain colours pass as the Dutch standard for the showing of Dutch rabbits these are Black, Steel, Pale-Grey, Blue, Brown-Grey, Tortoise Shell, Chocolate and Yellow. Some of the colour terms in the Dutch Standard are not self explanatory and in some cases do not actually describe the true colouring of the individual rabbit. On this website the true colour of our bunnies is published with a picture alongside for clarity.

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